Grid Games
Grid Games

Technology Resources and Links:
  • In this Illuminations Unit, students make groups of zero to 10 objects, connect number names to the groups, compose and decompose numbers, and use numerals to record the size of a group. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities are included in each lesson. The unit is most appropriate for students learning at the kindergarten and grade one level.
  • Have your students practice counting and one-to-one correspondence with "How Many?".
  • Ten Frames interactive site. Great to use with your Smart boards or with your minis.
  • This site has printable color posters of a rhyming chant for practicing the teen numbers.
  • For the students that still need practice in recognition of numbers through 9 they can play Big Bird's Numbers.
  • For practice with counting to 10 students can play Fishin' Mission. The game show them a number and they have to move that number of fish into the fisherman's net.
  • In this game called Stackerstudents have to manipulate a crane to stack blocks of numbers or letters in order.
  • Students can practice counting by choosing a shape and then a number. The program will then place the shapes on the screen one by one while counting aloud. The game is called Counting on a Cloud.
  • Play Connect the Dotsto practice counting in order to 20.
  • In this activity students will be given a hundreds chart that is partially filled in. The numbers are highlighted and read aloud in order. When a blank square is next, students have to type in the missing number and then it continues counting. The activity is called Count Along to 100!
  • Help the frog jumpacross the pond by clicking on the numbers on the lily pads that come next.