• Play Connect the Dotsto practice counting in order to 20.
  • In this activity students will be given a hundreds chart that is partially filled in. The numbers are highlighted and read aloud in order. When a blank square is next, students have to type in the missing number and then it continues counting. The activity is called Count Along to 100!
  • Help the frog jumpacross the pond by clicking on the numbers on the lily pads that come next.

Suggestions for Digit Cards:

    • Utilize these in your daily instruction as an Every Pupil Response strategy for various math skills.
    • In small groups, students can choose a domino and then use their digit cards to make the fact family for the pips that were shown on the domino that was chosen.
    • Use the fact family templates and place digit cards in the correct places.
    • Working in pairs, students could draw 2 cards from their bag and make a two digit number. The partners then compare their numbers using <,> or =.
    • Working in groups of three, students could draw two cards each from their bag. Have each make a 2 digit number and then have them put them in order from least to greatest or greatest to least.
    • Consider making your digit cards in different colors so that partners or groups can keep better track of their cards.