• Practice counting exact money amounts to purchase items. This site can be used for small group instruction with the mini-laptops.
  • Additional practice for counting money amounts that are given.
  • Check this out from Math Wire . You can find some great ideas and games for teaching money and for your flex groups. The activities and games have printable sheets to make them easy to utilize.
  • I have the Pigs Will Be Pigs book, the "Smart" poem, and 10 copies of Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday if you need to borrow them for the activities mentioned in math wire.

  • Practice counting money - dimes, nickels, pennies
  • Practice counting money - quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies
  • Practice word problems with money. The site allows the problems to be read aloud to your students. I would recommend giving the students baggies of money to use while solving the given problems.
  • Students can practice finding money shown in multiple ways using this activity called equivalent coins.
  • Another site to practice counting coinamounts.
  • Spending Spreeallows students to choose items to purchase and then gives them two pictures of coin amounts. They click on the correct coin amounts for the items.
  • Practice counting money with this interactive site called Bank It. You can choose a level of difficulty for your students. They are given an amount of money. Next they have to click on the coins to show that amount. The coins are automatically dropped into a piggy bank.
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